Discover These Great Places To Shop In Calgary Alberta

Discover These Great Places To Shop In Calgary Alberta

There are many places on this wonderful planet of ours, which should be visited at least once in a lifetime. For a unique and memorable experience, a visit to Calgary in Canada should be on the list. Located in the province of Alberta, the city itself is a modern metropolis, but it also has many historic areas. The surrounding area is beautiful, and the Canadian Rockies are not that far away. Those who do visit the city of Calgary, tend to want to visit the local stores. There are many places to shop in Calgary, Alberta, and some of the best of them are listed below.

Real Canadian Superstore: Every country has its traditional grocery store, and this is one of Canada’s. It stocks everything that is needed on a daily basis, but it also includes a lot of local products and produce that is not available in other countries. It can take an hour or two to get around this superstore.

Chinook Center: With over 250 stores, this is by far the biggest of the malls in Calgary. Some of the stores present do not appear anywhere else in the city, so it is definitely worth a visit. This is one of those locations that it is easy to pass a whole morning in. For those who are hungry, then the food court offers a wide variety of food and drink. Walking around can be tiresome for some people, luckily, the designers of this mall have included plenty of comfortable seating.

Eau Claire Market: This building has quite a bit of history associated with it. Originally it was built to house the local farmers market, but that failed to work out. It was redesigned and now includes an IMAX cinema, many restaurants, and a lot of craft stores selling all kinds of merchandise. This is a great place to pick up a few trinkets and gifts that are unique.

Steven Avenue: This is a great place to shop, especially for people who have young children. Steven Avenue incorporates a number of shopping blocks, and during the day the road is closed to traffic. This means that as well as the shops, there are a lot of market stalls and sellers in the road area, selling all kinds of things including carpets and local art. There are a number of Western stores here for those looking for traditional cowboy wear.

lammles-located-in-calgary-abLammle’s: This store is well known in Calgary for the hats it sells. There is a huge selection here of Stetsons here, and a lot of western clothing. The smell when walking in is awesome, as they roast their own coffee beans, so the aroma ensures people make good use of the café.

There are many more places to shop in Calgary, and it would probably take a couple of weeks to go around every single location. This is good news for the happy shopper, as it means there is no end to spending time walking around the city looking for things to buy.

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