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How to Use Instagram Live and What is it Useful for

Instagram was created in 2009 as a photo sharing app. With continuous updates, it now allows sharing videos, Instagram stories and also broadcasting your live videos. I have observed that with these updates everyone talks about using Instagram stories, videos, photos and other features but Instagram live streams are one feature that is underused. So, […]

How Voice Search Will Affect SEO

New changes to the SEO landscape are always around the corner, and with these changes come new methods for small businesses to stand out amongst their competitors. One of these changes is the importance of voice search. Voice search is primarily utilized by consumers to speak their searches into their phone instead of typing them […]

5 Key Steps To Taking Your Brand Global

International markets are no longer reserved to tech giants and huge industrial companies. Localization services prepare your website to speak about your product in any language, while international marketers can take your brand global with relative ease. As long as you’re ready to adapt your products, services and content to local markets, you have every […]

The 5 P’s of Content Creation and How to Use Them in UX Better Than Your Competitors

The marketing world has long been considered to be based on the four P’s: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. While these are still mostly relevant today (depending on how you’re marketing), they aren’t the only P’s you need for a successful marketing strategy. Content writing doesn’t follow the rules of traditional marketing practices, especially when […]

google maps customer questions and answers

Customer Questions Coming to Google Maps

Google has announced that customer questions are coming to Google maps, and if you’re a small business, you should be excited.  Larger businesses?  Maybe not so much. For the average user of Google Maps, this will certainly help in the day-to-day use of the service, as Google rightly mentions: “Planning a visit somewhere raises questions […]

5 Tips to Writing Effective Ad Copy for PPC

Creating the perfect ads for your PPC campaigns requires plenty of thought in order to be written effectively. They require a mixture of not just having a way with words, but also techniques of leveraging data and information you have about your target audience. To help you write effective ad copy for PPC, here are […]

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