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The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencers [Gifographic]

So you’ve tried your hand at influencer marketing, but keep running into trouble. Maybe you faced challenges you didn’t know how to overcome. Or you spent too much time and money launching your influencer marketing campaign, and didn’t see positive results. Perhaps you want to give influencer marketing a try, but don’t think you can […]

Do Adaptive Websites and Dynamic Content Hurt My SEO?

A growing trend among prospects and consumers is the demand for more personal web engagement. They want their browsing experience to be responsive regardless of the device they are using, and they want each device to know and remember who they are as they switch between technologies. That is a tall order, but one that […]

4 Actionable Strategies to Build Links, Shares and Buzz to Your Content with Outreach Emails

The internet marketing industry has changed a lot over the past few years. Years back when most digital marketers focused their efforts on questionable SEO tactics, buying email lists and ads, the focus these days is on content marketing – creating great content that attracts visitors and leads to your business. By publishing content that […]

Embedded Videos Causing Rankings Drop

This week we’ve seen a couple websites drop in rankings for no apparent reason.  Coupled with this, there was a strange date accompanying the site in Google SERPs.  At first, we were a bit perplexed, but experience has taught us that patience can be the key with these types of dips.  Is it a penalty? […]

ssl in wordpress featured

How to Serve SSL in WordPress for Free!

An SSL is a method of encrypting information shared between two computers. That way anyone trying to look at the data being transmitted, won’t be unable to make any sense of it. It will be encrypted using a very complicated mathematical formula. It’s one of the most secure method at this time, and is extremely […]

The Power of Link Relevancy for SEO

Do you know how many individual ranking factors contribute to Google’s algorithm? The rough count is around 200, although it is important to note that this number is constantly changing and incorporating new metrics. It also includes several controversial and debatable factors, which continue to be the source of intrigue and discussion. Make no mistake; […]

Is Having A LinkedIn Account Worth The Time And Effort?

Social media networking is important, online exposure is essential, targeting audiences is necessary, blah, blah, blah. This is the information we read whenever we search for help on marketing our skills and becoming a success. The fact is, due to the popularity of the internet and the amount of interaction completed online, these pieces of […]

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