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SEO Myths and Facts

SEO Myths You Can Ignore

SEO has been around as long as there have been search engines, and with it, numerous myths have grown up around the practice. Unfortunately, many of these myths are still prevalent on the forums and blogs that share information on what will help your website rank higher on SERPs. Here are a few myths that […]

Add These Adwords Negative Keywords to Save Money

Quick Tip for Adwords Users Here’s a quick and simple tip to help you save money in Google Adwords and Bing Ads involving negative keywords. We are assuming in this post that you know how to add keywords and therefore also know how to add negative keywords to your campaign. (For the uninitiated – let’s […]

5 Reasons You Need an Edmonton Internet Marketing Campaign

The Value of an Effective Edmonton Internet Marketing Capaign Marketing your business is paramount to the success of your company. How you choose to market your company may be the deciding factor as to whether the business makes it or descends into failure. There are several methods by which you can market your business to […]

Why Social Media Is Important For Your SEO Campaign

Three Pillars of Your SEO Campaign There are three pillars of search marketing that every internet marketer must pay key interest on while rolling out their SEO campaign. These include: on-page SEO, back-linking and social optimization. Whereas a vast majority understands the importance of the first two strategies, quite a few do not grab what […]

What is SEO?

When considering writing content for online publication, you want to make sure it is optimized for search engines so that when people search for your topic, they find your post or page. Canada West Internet Marketing is your Edmonton SEO specialists and can help you find your way. The Basics SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensures […]

Choose an SEO Company or The Yellow Pages?

SEO vs. the Yellow Pages Before the Internet and cellphones became popular, listing your company in the Yellow Pages made sense. At that time a lot of people used the Yellow Pages. Now, however, the situation has changed. Many fewer people use the Yellow Pages to find out information about companies. Most of them use […]

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