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Common Internet Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid Pitfalls to Avoid Online Disaster Running a successful online business is all about successful internet marketing. Intensifying competition in the world of online marketing necessitates every online marketer to implement new internet marketing techniques and strategies to survive. If you want your business to survive online, learning about the common internet marketing mistakes is […]

Accurately Check What Page You Are On

The simplest way to check what page your website is on is to do a Google search for the keyword(s) you are targeting and then click through until you find your site. However, something as simple as being logged into Gmail can skew your results, making your site look like it is ranking higher than […]

Post to Google+ For Great SEO Results

Last week, while performing maintenance checks on our own site, we discovered a Google+ fact somewhat by accident. If you are blogging or posting to various social media markets, posting to Google+ is a must for great SEO results. As you may have noticed, when Canada West Internet Marketing posts a blog on its site, […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

I know. Most of you are reading this and thinking, “What do I have to say that others would be interested in?” In a word: much. People are looking for information that you have locked up in that grey matter between your ears and you need to release it to others. Why should you blog […]

Meta Tags Are Not Just For Search Engines

Meta descriptions can improve your click-through rate from the major search engines – if you are thinking about your customers when you create them. Most of the time you will desire to have meta tags that pertain directly to the page you have created so that the search engines know what that page is about. […]

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