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Canada West are website design experts located in Edmonton, AB, with proficiency in economical WordPress websites, a type of site that allows you to make changes to with simplicity. We’ve provided user-friendly sites for clients in Alberta and across Canada.

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Web Design that emphasizes consumer usability and accessibility

Your site is your advertisement to the local populace and ultimately to the world. It is therefore essential that visitors to your website can easily and quickly find what they are looking for or they will move on to the next business that offers what they need. A good site will retain a potential customer; a great site will cause the customer to contact you at their earliest possible convenience.

Depending on your needs, we can build a completely new site, maintain the one you have, improve your site for search engine optimization, or even integrate social media marketing within your site. Whatever you may need, we can work with you to make it effective on the web.

What kind of quality is your website built to?

Canada West Internet Marketing is an Edmonton web design company that has a proven track record of designs that are attractive, captivating, affordable, and above all functional.

Some Of Our Work

Brave Raiders Hockey Club

Minor Hockey Club in Edmonton

Embrace Orthodontics

Orthodontic Practice in Edmonton, Alberta

Effect Property Services

Snow Removal & Landscaping Services in Edmonton


Luxury villa rental in Caribbean St Lucia

Web Design with Standards In Mind

Imagine if your home was built without standards. Instead of it being inspected for safety, adequate design and without a regular check of quality of construction, let’s say it was built haphazardly and without attention to detail. Now, as you the homeowner have taken ownership of it, you are seeing that certain items have been overlooked. The stairs that lead to the basement are off level and feel more like they are designed as a slide for a playground. The window in your bedroom is installed so poorly that you can’t open the window at all. Your bathtub only fills with cold water. Even worse, as people come to visit you, there are no stairs up to your front porch. After they climb up, they can’t find a doorbell. Then it hits them – there isn’t even a front door. Giving up in frustration, they leave and never come back.

Designed With Structure

Everyone benefits from web standards, whether they are the designer, owner, or (most important of all) the user of a website. Many site owners focus solely on getting users (including potential customers) to the front door of their website. Unfortunately they have not thought out what they will do with these people once they get them there. Because the site has not been built with standards, these potential customers are now on your website’s front porch with no doorbell or door for them to follow. Many will leave without ever coming back.

It is with this in mind that Canada West Internet Marketing focuses on a website development that will get results. There is no point designing a website that catches the eye but doesn’t convert visits into contacts. We retain style while never compromising effectiveness.

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